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Zero Interest Payments on Glasses & Contact Lenses

You use your vision every day, for everything you love to do. We know it is very important to you. Still, sometimes it can be difficult to pay for your eye care in a single month. You are going to be enjoying your eye care products for years, so why pay for it all in just one day?

Introducing Care Credit

CareCredit is an independent healthcare payment service that our office pays for you enjoy. That means that CareCredit doesn't raise the costs of your purchases, but simply gives you more time to pay. Not every office takes care credit, but here at Sun City Vision Center we are sensitive to all your needs, including financial.

How to apply for care credit

You can apply in minutes at our office, or contact CareCredit any time before your examination:

800-365-8295 -

We love care credit because it allows our patients to have the quality of vision they deserve without paying extra. Please contact our office with your questions at (951) 672-4971.

Lysle Shaw-McMinn, O.D.

Written for This Blog on Feb 11, 2015
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