Completed Projects

This is a page for projects I have created on a larger scale. Most of them have their own web domains and took more than 2 months to complete. Smaller projects I call 'scripts'. The below projects are either complete or in the process of completion. Click on the image to see a larger version of it or the More About this Project to read an extended analysis of that project.

Brooms Online
A Harry Potter Game Collection

In 2006 I became addicted to a game called Broomsticks and knew I had to recreate it into an online version. Since then, the simple quidditch game where you fly back and forth with a ball trying to bring it to your opponents hoop has become a huge website with several mini-games, character progression, money, and an auction house. The small community form quidditch teams amongst themselves complete with hogwarts house rivalries and smack talk leading onto the in-game quidditch pitch.

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United Property Management
A Commissioned Business Website

Created in 2008, this small-business website is a much bigger project than what meets the eye. Behind the scenes is an immense database editor allowing staff at UPM to add and remove properties from the websites listing and brings ease to posting to craigslist, the newspaper, etc.

Star Sky
A Multiplayer Arcade Shooter

Created in 2007, SS was completed and can now be played on the Chip N Dales MMORPG website as a mini-game. It is a very small game where you choose one of several ships and combat an NPC or other players in astroids-like gameplay. Each ship is unique: Some have escort NPCs, some have multishot guns, some have lasers, etc. I think it came out rather good except for some lag and balancing issues.

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Chip N Dales MMORPG
A Retro Arcade Game Collection

In 2004 I made my first ever online multiplayer game, and I called it Chip N Dales MMORPG. It was a simple game where you can pick up boxes and throw them at each other to make each other temporarily immobile. You could also pick each other up and throw each other off the sides of the platforms (and in that case, you would die). The game was extremely addictive.

In 2008, I decided to recreate the game with better coding because I had learned a lot about programming by then. I eventually added NPCs, world building tools, over 15 worlds, tons of different characters, bosses, trophies, mini-games, etc. It has now become my largest project to date, with a dedicated community.

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Xanthians Online
A 'Xanth' Fantasy-Series Fansite

Created in 1995, this has been my longest standing project and my first website. It has gone through probably 5 or 6 iterations and is now over 10 years old. It is a fan website for a popular series of books by Piers Anthony called the Xanth series. Since most of it was coded many many years ago there is a lot of errors and shady coding, but the site is still functional and its content is extremely diverse.

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A Multiplayer Mario Game

Created in 2005, this was my first full-fledged online multiplayer game. Like many of my projects, this game started out meant to be a recreation of the 'battle mode' in Super Mario All Stars (Super Nintendo). However, it became a full RPG with enemies, coins, and a small shop where you can buy pets and mushrooms. Since it was one of my first games, there are a lot of problems with lag and network, but it is one of my most popular games and gets more thru-traffic than any of my other websites.

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Sun City Vision
A Commissioned Business Website

This website was created in 2011 for the small-business and optometric practice in Sun City, California.

Decommissioned Projects

For one reason or another, I have removed these projects from the web. Many of them were never completed at all.

A Multiplayer RPG

Created in 2007, Worg was never completed. It was a very ambitious and large project that was too big for my capabilities at the time. However, I plan to complete it in the future and you can see my progress working on another RPG project here.

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Positive Television
A Non-Profit Website

Positive Television is a video website that hosts a range of Los Angeles local animal rights videos and videos concerning other social movements. I have helped with the sites programming to some extent after it was originally created by another activist. I do not maintain the sites content.

A Deticated Soldat Game Server Website

Created in 2005. Soldat is an indie multiplayer side-scrolling shooter that I used to absolutely love; not created by me. It was a great inspiration for some of my games. Much like counter-strike, Soldat operated off of individual game servers, and I owned a server for some time. The game statistics from the server were analyzed by code that I had written and posted onto the website. If you have not checked out soldat before, I highly recommend you do. It is my favorite indie game, and totally free.

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Bruins For Animals
A Non-Profit Animal Advocacy Organization Website

Created in 2008, this website is made to assist the UCLA club 'Briuns for Animals'. Coming under heavy fire from UCLA Research Facilities after their anti-vivisection campaign (live dissection of animals for research purposes), BFA found themselves the victims of a lot of negative press pushed on by the school and its huge budget. This website has served as one of BFA's methods of communication to the public as well as organizing events for the club.

Although I am not a student at UCLA I have several close friends who have been part of BFA and I am glad to support and help where possible. You can read more about BFA's cause at the Vegan Outreach website.

Animal Rights Club @ UCR
A Non-Profit Animal Advocacy Organization Website

This website was created for the Animal Rights Club at UC Riverside in 2007. I was the president of the club while at UC Riverside but since then the club has sadly dissolved so the website has no use and I allowed the domain to expire.

Atomic Wars
A Multiplayer Arcade Shooter

Created in 2008 and never completed. AW was a more recent project. I was hoping to create a space shooter that had a theme of being microscopic instead of intergalactic. The combat in the game would have been much like Star Sky, but there would be RPG elements added as well. I created an inventory system, a skill system with dynamic skill requirements and attributes, and also a ship builder (except they aren't ships, they are protein molecules). For this project I had too much ambition- I wanted to create a totally customizable experience and I spent so long working on ship customization that by the time I got around to coding the actual game my scripts were a mess. I was not a very good programmer at the time and this was my first experience programming in Flash Actionscript 3.