This is an Add-on for Media Monkey that sends your playlists from Mediamonkey to Grooveshark with a click of a single button. The playlists in Mediamonkey get saved here on this website, where they are stored and slowly fed (50 songs per minute) to Grooveshark.

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open it with a text editor for installation instructions

Tips for Usage:

  • New playlists added with this website will appear in your playlist page, but not your side-bar. Click here for an image explaining where your playlist will appear.
  • The grooveshark limits are for searching songs- So if the song already exists in your playlist or in your library it will not count toward the limit and therefore not slow down the transfer process.
  • Upload your music library before hand into grooveshark ( to make sure your songs are in the grooveshark music database with the correct artist and title spelling so that your playlist has every song on it. This will also help bypass the grooveshark search limitations.
  • Playlists with over 2,000 songs will not correctly transfer.
"My Playlists Aren't in Grooveshark Yet!"
Shut the fuck up! Did you check your playlist page? Yes? Ok. Enter your Grooveshark username to view the status of your imports, or See All Playlists on the Waitlist.