Joyrider: Controls

Posted by Lysle

Joyrider now supports keyboard, touch, and game controllers to play the game. The game monitors your computer for game controller or touch input and automatically changes control schemes mid-game, so just plug in your controller and play!


Joyrider supports full play with just a keyboard, no mouse needed. But with your mouse, you can gain better control over your cruisers and other large ships.


Joyrider supports full play with just touch. The game conveniently assists you with firing your weapon.


Joyrider supports full play with just a game controller. We recommend the Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller, but other generic game pads may also work.

Jet Controls vs Cruise Controls?

There are two ways to use the keyboard and game controller: Jet Controls and Cruiser Controls. New players are recommended to use the cruise controls. You can switch between the two at any time mid-game. Jet Controls give you a definitive ability to control your ships movement, where cruiser controls are easier for new players, relaxed play, and aiming weaponry.

Other Features in 1.2

All the user interfaces now support controller and touch controls. Even the station. In the station, use START to undock, X to view details of an item, and A to select an item. Some bugs and balanced changes were also made, including increasing hull and shield on the Reaper and speed on the silver corvette. For a full list of bug fixes, view the html source of this article.

More On How to Play

Check out the blog for more hints on how to play Joyrider and the other Star Sky games.