Star Sky: Original Browser Game

Posted by Lysle

To play this browser based game, no log in is necessary. Simply choose your nickname below so that you can launch the game:


Star Sky is a minimalist 2D physics-based multiplayer online shooter. The head on head gameplay is meant to mimic the feel of real-space physics and the impact that has on space combat. The physics is inspired by shows like Battlestar Galactica and Firefly as well as the game asteroids. This is a minimalist game, devoid of bells, whistles, scoreboards, points, and other things meant to distract you from gameplay.

How To Play

The controls are so: Up arrow- accelerates bowside. Down arrow- accelerates aftside. Left arrow: accelerates portside. Right arrow: accelerates starboard. Left click (hold): fires weapons. Mouse: aim ship. By default there is one NPC in the zone at a time. Some ship types have an escort/wingman NPC (so not all NPCs are enemies). If you stop taking damage for several moments, your shield (blue bar) will regenerate. Your hull (green bar) will not regenerate until your ship is destroyed. Invite your friends to play with you against the NPCs or against each other. Press enter to chat. Type /addnpc and /removenpc into chat to add and remove NPCs.

Project History

The project begun 06/24/2007 and completed developement as of 08/08/2007. It was created by Lysle Shaw-McMinn. I am still available to fix bugs but unlikely to continue work on this project. On 03/01/2013 I came around to this page thinking I would fix any bugs and make improvements to the game as needed. Instead I found myself playing for an hour, and leaving without wanting to change anything. More than anything, this is a game of simplicity. I recreated the website for this game 9/14/2014 when I released my new Star Sky game, Joyrider.