Leveling Up In Joyrider

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In the most recent version, Publish 1.3, you can buy ships and other items of higher level to better compete with enemies. Enemies are also assigned a level, which increases as you play the game. Other new features include improved NPC AI, 100 credits at the start of the game, and better physics for larger ships. For a full list of changes, view this articles source page.

Joyrider: Understanding Ship Drag Coefficient

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Right click on a ship to see its statistics page (or press X on your controller).

Pay close attention to the Drag Coefficient. This ship, the reaper, is an excellent example of how much the drag coefficient can effect ships mobility. Despite the Reapers excellent rating for forward, rotational, and strafe thrusters, it has a poor drag coefficient. The makes Reaper one of the slowest ships of its class.

Drag coefficient is a friction coefficient where 1 is no friction and 0 would prevent the ship from moving at all. Most ships have a drag coefficent close to 0.98, which is why when you let go of your controls, your ship continues to float in the direction it is moving. This low friction physics is a feature of all the Star Sky games, replicating the feel of classic games such as Asteroids for Atari or Armada for the Sega Dreamcast. It also is indicative of real space physics, as such seen in television shows such as Battlestar Galactica and Firefly.

So next time you are checking out a ship's statistics, make sure to check out the drag coefficient and remember it can affect the entire mobility of your ship.

Joyrider: Controls

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Joyrider now supports keyboard, touch, and game controllers to play the game. The game monitors your computer for game controller or touch input and automatically changes control schemes mid-game, so just plug in your controller and play!


Joyrider supports full play with just a keyboard, no mouse needed. But with your mouse, you can gain better control over your cruisers and other large ships.


Joyrider supports full play with just touch. The game conveniently assists you with firing your weapon.


Joyrider supports full play with just a game controller. We recommend the Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller, but other generic game pads may also work.

Jet Controls vs Cruise Controls?

There are two ways to use the keyboard and game controller: Jet Controls and Cruiser Controls. New players are recommended to use the cruise controls. You can switch between the two at any time mid-game. Jet Controls give you a definitive ability to control your ships movement, where cruiser controls are easier for new players, relaxed play, and aiming weaponry.

Other Features in 1.2

All the user interfaces now support controller and touch controls. Even the station. In the station, use START to undock, X to view details of an item, and A to select an item. Some bugs and balanced changes were also made, including increasing hull and shield on the Reaper and speed on the silver corvette. For a full list of bug fixes, view the html source of this article.

More On How to Play

Check out the blog for more hints on how to play Joyrider and the other Star Sky games.

Privacy Policy: Joyrider

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Joyrider Release Notes: Credits & Ship Upgrades

Posted by Lysle

Publish 1.1 should be available shortly.

  1. New game mode: Career Mode. Contains unlimited levels, ship upgrades, weapon upgrades, and in-game credits. In this mode, your game will save and resume.
  2. After beating arcade mode, a space station appears in free game mode that can be visited as much as you wish.
  3. Menu system improvements: Added 'how to play' to main menu, pause the game with esc, use your touch screen to navigate the menus.
  4. A number of small fixes to improve sound, including prevention of garbled sound when too many ships are active on the screen.
  5. Improvements to gameplay, including balance changes to ships, improved collision detection (especially with large ships and/or high velocity bullets), and the ability to destroy bombs before they explode.
  6. New weapon used by NPCs and available to player: Laser Beam.
  7. Introducing weapon bay overheating. If you fire too many bullets within a short time frame, your ship will overheat, turning red, and will be unable to fire weapons until it has cooled. To prevent overheating, upgrade to a larger ship, equip the item 'Cooling Station', or focus on weapons and attachment that increase damage without adding more projectiles.
  8. Updated our privacy policy to comply with the windows 8 store.

Joyrider Sneak Peak: Credits & Ship Upgrades

Posted by Lysle

Joyrider is getting its first update soon, and its a big one.

I am adding a 'docked at space station' screen between every 3 levels in the game. This will allow you to relax a moment, regain your shields, and spend the in-game credits you have earned.

Exactly what you'll be spending your credits on is not set in stone yet, but I already have multiple ships and weapons in the shop and hope to add more. So if you were hoping to fly a different ship than the Joyrider you are in luck.

You can now fly the Reaper, the ship you normally fight on level 2 with the infamous 'Bio Bombs'. Like the Bio Bombs but not the Reaper? Just equip them to your Joyrider, then!

These 'station' visits may also be the foundation to expanding Joyrider into my next star sky project. Stay tuned!

About: Lysle

Posted by Lysle

Lysle is a indie game developer, developing games as a hobby. He also practices as a doctor of optometry. He is the creator of the Star Sky series.

Star Sky: Joyrider for Windows 8

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Joyrider is now available!

Click Here to Get it From Windows Store

This game supports a game controller, keyboard, or touch. See the controls here.

In this game, the player is given a small ship and is put up against 12 levels of other ships; sometimes fighting 10-20 enemy ships at a time. The game objectives unfolded as I experimented with asteroid-like space physics and a flexible ship/weapon system that could be used in a future RPG-esqe game. This game is a simple arcade shoot em up though, it certainly is not a 'digital world' game.

Joyrider is written in C# using the MonoGame module. I am finding it to be very enjoyable programming in C#, once I passed some original hurdles. It now comes as naturally to me as Actionscript3.

Joyrider is a return to my multiplayer space shooter, Star Sky, but with a very key component missing... The multiplayer. I am using Joyrider to learn C#, but it has turned out really good, so I went ahead and submitted it for publishing to the Windows store.

Star Sky: Original Browser Game

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To play this browser based game, no log in is necessary. Simply choose your nickname below so that you can launch the game:

include "xSS1.php"

Star Sky is a minimalist 2D physics-based multiplayer online shooter. The head on head gameplay is meant to mimic the feel of real-space physics and the impact that has on space combat. The physics is inspired by shows like Battlestar Galactica and Firefly as well as the game asteroids. This is a minimalist game, devoid of bells, whistles, scoreboards, points, and other things meant to distract you from gameplay.

How To Play

The controls are so: Up arrow- accelerates bowside. Down arrow- accelerates aftside. Left arrow: accelerates portside. Right arrow: accelerates starboard. Left click (hold): fires weapons. Mouse: aim ship. By default there is one NPC in the zone at a time. Some ship types have an escort/wingman NPC (so not all NPCs are enemies). If you stop taking damage for several moments, your shield (blue bar) will regenerate. Your hull (green bar) will not regenerate until your ship is destroyed. Invite your friends to play with you against the NPCs or against each other. Press enter to chat. Type /addnpc and /removenpc into chat to add and remove NPCs.

Project History

The project begun 06/24/2007 and completed developement as of 08/08/2007. It was created by Lysle Shaw-McMinn. I am still available to fix bugs but unlikely to continue work on this project. On 03/01/2013 I came around to this page thinking I would fix any bugs and make improvements to the game as needed. Instead I found myself playing for an hour, and leaving without wanting to change anything. More than anything, this is a game of simplicity. I recreated the website for this game 9/14/2014 when I released my new Star Sky game, Joyrider.

Welcome to the Star Sky Website

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Play the Games:

Star Sky Original - Joyrider

Star Sky is a series of minimalist 2D physics-based shooters. The gameplay is meant to mimic the feel of real-space physics and the impact that has on space combat: inspired by shows like Battlestar Galactica and Firefly as well as the game asteroids. This is a minimalist game, devoid of the bells and whistles meant to distract you from gameplay.

There are currently 2 games in this series, the original multiplayer online browser game, and joyrider, a single player game made for the windows 8 store.