Joyrider Release Notes: Credits & Ship Upgrades

Posted by Lysle

Publish 1.1 should be available shortly.

  1. New game mode: Career Mode. Contains unlimited levels, ship upgrades, weapon upgrades, and in-game credits. In this mode, your game will save and resume.
  2. After beating arcade mode, a space station appears in free game mode that can be visited as much as you wish.
  3. Menu system improvements: Added 'how to play' to main menu, pause the game with esc, use your touch screen to navigate the menus.
  4. A number of small fixes to improve sound, including prevention of garbled sound when too many ships are active on the screen.
  5. Improvements to gameplay, including balance changes to ships, improved collision detection (especially with large ships and/or high velocity bullets), and the ability to destroy bombs before they explode.
  6. New weapon used by NPCs and available to player: Laser Beam.
  7. Introducing weapon bay overheating. If you fire too many bullets within a short time frame, your ship will overheat, turning red, and will be unable to fire weapons until it has cooled. To prevent overheating, upgrade to a larger ship, equip the item 'Cooling Station', or focus on weapons and attachment that increase damage without adding more projectiles.
  8. Updated our privacy policy to comply with the windows 8 store.