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Hello, my name is Lysle Shaw-McMinn. I am in my 20's and am a graduate student working on my doctorate in optometric medicine. My B.S. is in biochemistry and philosophy. As most visitors to this page come from one of my websites, you probably already know that I am an amateur programmer, and spend most of my computer time on my coding projects, which you can read about here. I also identify myself by my passion for animal rights- I am vegan and an animal advocate/activist, and you can read why below in the 'Veggie Facts' section of this page. I enjoy playing the guitar, drawing, playing video games, cooking and snowboarding.

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Lysle Shaw-McMinn
16327 Sally ln
Riverside, California 92504
United States
Facebook: lshawmcminn
Youtube: wormywyrm
Skype: wormywyrm
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Veggie Facts:
  • You inflict cruel treatment when you purchase or otherwise support chicken, cow, pig, fish, or other products; probably beyond what you currently imagine, even if you buy free-ranged products.
  • Heavy use of drugs and chemicals in factory farms is a catalyst for bacteria evolution against anti-biotics, hurting modern medicine. This is a very serious problem that has been discussed in many of my biochemistry classes; I was even assigned to write a paper about MRSA, a dangerous infection that you probably have heard of which originated in over-crowded pig farms.
  • A moral system that allows for supporting the mistreatment of animals is self-contradictory, regardless of if you base those morals on religion or philosophical logic. Please, if you disagree, spend twenty minutes reading 'All Animals Are Equal', an essay by philosopher Peter Singer. Please direct any philosophical counter-arguments to me, I love a good philosophical debate!!

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Thank you for visiting my personal page! If you would like to see my very first home page that I made when I was only 9 years old, you can click here. Also, here are the the sites which I made when I was 15 years old, here. The latter is a geocities page, so was deleted in 2009 when Yahoo cancelled their geocities service. These old sites are a little embarassing but I am also very proud of them!! Sweet dreams!

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