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Is it really ADHD? You won't know until you have had a Vision Therapy evaluation with a qualified optometrist. Other developmental disorders, like speech disorders, are clearly distinguished from ADHD, but visual disorders should be ruled out with proper testing. Yet, when a child is 'slow' or inattentive in school, our medical system is quick to medicate children and label them with ADHD. Unlike other developmental disorders, Visual Efficiency Deficiency and Vision Information Processing Deficiencies are not evaluated by a medical doctor and are not solved by a pill. The solution: Vision Therapy... And it could change your child's life.

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Newest Post: What is Developmental Optometry?

A Developmental Optometrist is a Pediatric Optometrist who sees children with learning disabilities or at risk for learning disabilities related to vision.

Symptoms of Vision-Related Learning Disability
1. Headaches while doing near work
2. Double Vision
3. Loss of Place While Reading
4. Struggling with Reading and Writing
5. Flipping of individual letters
6. Poor School Performance, especially in Language Arts and History

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