Brooms Online
A Harry Potter Game Collection

In 2006 I became addicted to a game called Broomsticks and knew I had to recreate it into an online version. Since then, the simple quidditch game where you fly back and forth with a ball trying to bring it to your opponents hoop has become a huge website with several mini-games, character progression, money, and an auction house. The small community form quidditch teams amongst themselves complete with hogwarts house rivalries and smack talk leading onto the in-game quidditch pitch.

Additional Information:
This is a website about the Harry Potter series, which I love. I made it because there really aren't very many good harry potter flash games out there, and quidditch is a great game to make a multiplayer version of. The site was never really finished to my satisfaction though, and the whole character system became annoyingly complex for me to work on and I eventually gave up. I would say that the golden age of harry potter fandom is over now, and so is this site.

Here's a features list:
      - Multiplayer online community site
      - Based on the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling
      - Create a cute hogwarts character and earn clothing/accessories for them
      - Play one of several mini-games and earn high scores
      - Play multiplayer games including the quidditch game
      - Join or make teams and play in player-held quidditch matches

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