Chip N Dales MMORPG
A Retro Arcade Game Collection

In 2004 I made my first ever online multiplayer game, and I called it Chip N Dales MMORPG. It was a simple game where you can pick up boxes and throw them at each other to make each other temporarily immobile. You could also pick each other up and throw each other off the sides of the platforms (and in that case, you would die). The game was extremely addictive.

In 2008, I decided to recreate the game with better coding because I had learned a lot about programming by then. I eventually added NPCs, world building tools, over 15 worlds, tons of different characters, bosses, trophies, mini-games, etc. It has now become my largest project to date, with a dedicated community.

Additional Information:
This is a website I have created more recently, and it went way beyond anything I could have imagined. I never even planned to add NPCs to this game when I first made it, I just wanted to recreate a quality version of my original chip n dales game, which was the first online multiplayer application I ever made. It was originally awful quality, and I just felt a special connection to it since it was my first game, and I wanted to recreate it. Then I just kept adding more and more to it...

Eventually it is where it is now, with over 30 playable characters, 15 worlds, and who knows how many trophies. There are areas of the game that I have not explored, sprites that I have not seen, and people I have no clue play. Its really fun to have seen something that I created become somewhat popular because most of my projects only get a few visitors, where as this one has gotten significant amounts compared to my previous projects.

Heres a features list:
      - Multiplayer Adventure Side-scroller
      - Battle through over 15 worlds with different themes, NPCs, characters, and bosses
      - earn trophies, unlock characters
      - Play through several mini-games and earn the high score
      - Player-owned housing communities
      - Discussion Board and online community
      - Map editing tools fit for players to create their own worlds
      - Many different weapons and power-ups

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