A Multiplayer Mario Game

Created in 2005, this was my first full-fledged online multiplayer game. Like many of my projects, this game started out meant to be a recreation of the 'battle mode' in Super Mario All Stars (Super Nintendo). However, it became a full RPG with enemies, coins, and a small shop where you can buy pets and mushrooms. Since it was one of my first games, there are a lot of problems with lag and network, but it is one of my most popular games and gets more thru-traffic than any of my other websites.

Additional Information:
This is a game I made after I first figured out how to make multiplayer online applications via flash. It is okay, but laggy and there really aren't a lot of levels. I really was not a very good coder at the time, and it shows in this poorly created game.

Here's a features list:
      - A multiplayer side-scroller
      - Based on the Mario games, more specifically the ones for SNES
      - Play through several levels based on classic mario style
      - Buy Yoshis
      - Buy pet birdies

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