A Deticated Soldat Game Server Website

Created in 2005. Soldat is an indie multiplayer side-scrolling shooter that I used to absolutely love; not created by me. It was a great inspiration for some of my games. Much like counter-strike, Soldat operated off of individual game servers, and I owned a server for some time. The game statistics from the server were analyzed by code that I had written and posted onto the website. If you have not checked out soldat before, I highly recommend you do. It is my favorite indie game, and totally free.

Additional Information:
SRU was very cool. Basically, Soldat is this multiplayer side-scrolling shooter that I used to absolutely love. It was a great inspiration for my games, sort of. Not really though, it was just too cool I could never make anything like it. Well, now I almost could but I couldn't come up with such amazing idea as Soldat. It is smooth, fun, and has great replay value.

So like other games, like counter strike and stuff, Soldat is broken into servers. Well, me and a friend got together and paid up for a soldat server. We hosted it through a cool webhost that offered that sort of thing, and it cost like $15 bucks a month for each of us. Well he stopped paying up so I decided I couldn't pay the $30 alone, and I shut the server down and the site too. We used to have and everything. There was a discussion board, and I was working on a special statistics system that logged each session players were playing and how they did each session... Something that no other statistics pages had. It wasn't completely ever finished though.

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