Star Sky
A Multiplayer Arcade Shooter

Created in 2007, SS was completed and can now be played on the Chip N Dales MMORPG website as a mini-game. It is a very small game where you choose one of several ships and combat an NPC or other players in astroids-like gameplay. Each ship is unique: Some have escort NPCs, some have multishot guns, some have lasers, etc. I think it came out rather good except for some lag and balancing issues.

Additional Information:
SS was one of those rare times when you create something that comes out just like you planned. The only real problem was with latency. Oh, and last time I played it I was thinking that shields are too strong, but besides that I was very happy with the results. Of course, like always I ran into problems with lag. Not too troublesome though. If anyone ever wants, I might be able to set SS up again to play.

Here is the short but fun features list:
      - Fly as several different ships and combat other players or NPCs
      - Each ship has special weapon types and stats. Speed, Healing, Shields, Weapons, Escorts.
      - Some ships get escort NPCs that help you in the fight
      - Real physics means you can spin and fire at following enemies... Aka astroids or battlestar galactica

I loved SS so much that in 09/2014 I went back and started programming it again, but this time in C#. The result is a Windows 8 Store Game called 'Joyrider'.

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