A Multiplayer RPG

Created in 2007, Worg was never completed. It was a very ambitious and large project that was too big for my capabilities at the time. However, I plan to complete it in the future and you can see my progress working on another RPG project here.

Additional Information:
Worg was one of my favorite and most vivid projects. It is the only project that I can say will be back! It was a take on Zelda with a more advanced RPG feel to it. I had to retire the worg scripts I was working on because they were too messy, cluttered, and they caused performance problems. But when I decided to stop on the project I had already finished some things. The map editor, which was the first map editor I ever created, was an improvement upon the ideas for my original Mario map editor, but still simply not very good. The map system caused most of the latency problems, and is part of the reason I stopped the project. Not to mention that the game is just too big, and took up too much time to work on. Also I was most proud of the music and inventory system. The inventory system was my first attempt at being able to move objects around several inventory windows, and equipped these items. Some items were instruments. There were drums, a flute, a banjo/guitar, and I think one other. When an instrument is equipped, players could play music. The music would be broadcasted to other nearby players.

I plan to resume Worg someday, starting from scratch. Here's a features list:
      - Adventure and Combat RPG
      - Collect instruments and play music with your friends
      - Classes and places are loosely based on the Sword of Truth series
      - Collect weapons, items, and skills to show off and improve your characters power
      - Combat system featuring the PAMS (Power, Agility, Magic, Stealth) system
            (players have 4 pools of life, to use skills you must sacrifice them, but if you allow any of them to reach 0 you die)
      - Map editor friendly, with player map editors like my CND game

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