Xanthians Online
A 'Xanth' Fantasy-Series Fansite

Created in 1995, this has been my longest standing project and my first website. It has gone through probably 5 or 6 iterations and is now over 10 years old. It is a fan website for a popular series of books by Piers Anthony called the Xanth series. Since most of it was coded many many years ago there is a lot of errors and shady coding, but the site is still functional and its content is extremely diverse.

Additional Information:
This is a website I created before all other websites, way back when I was just a little kid who knew nothing about anything. I loved the Xanth series and spent a lot of time remaking this site over and over, and it is one of my biggest and probably longest-lasting projects.

Heres a features list:
      - A fan community for Piers Anthony's Xanth Series
      - Talk about Xanth and make friends
      - Play several xanth-related games
      - Visitor submitted jokes, madlibs, fan fiction, and essays
      - Information about the books and author
      - Visitor submitted artwork and suggested series similar to xanth
      - Ask the good magician a question and get an answer from the Xo webmasters
      - Test your knowledge with a quiz and find out what xanth character you are most like
      - Create a cute xanth character to show your friends

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