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What does it mean to have a Mild Visual Impairment?

People with mild visual impairments are not disabled and can still function in every way- They can read, they can work... They can even drive if they have paperwork filled out by their optometrist for the DMV! Ask us if you need the appropriate paperwork to show the DMV proving that your vision is good enough to drive.

Interpreting your Visual Acuity

People with mild visual impairments have visual acuity anywhere from 20/30 to 20/70. Normal visual acuity is 20/20. To understand how yours compares, imagine your visual acuity like a ratio. If your ratio is 20/40, then you would have to stand at 20 feet to see what someone else can see at 40 feet away. In other words, you would need to get twice as close to see the same thing. Extra Strength Reading Glasses can help allow you to hold your reading material twice as close and enjoy reading the newspaper, books, and everything you used to enjoy before losing your vision.

Options for the Mildly Visually Impaired

Extra Strength Reading Glasses "Max TV" Binocular Glasses
"20/20" Large Thickness Ball-Point Pens Fresnel Prism Portable Magnifiers

Because your visual impairment is mild, your treatment today is High Add Reading Glasses:

Extra Strength Reading Glasses
Today you will be given a prescription for reading glasses that have a high reading 'add'. These reading glasses will require you to hold your reading material closer to your face than usual glasses. Try holding your reading material at different distances to find the distance that gives you the clearest image. Because your reading glasses have a very strong prescription, no-line bifocals (progressive lenses) are not an option. Executive or large width bifocals will make reading easiest.

Here are some other things you can do on your own:

  1. Buy good lighting: placed behind patients shoulder to help with reading
  2. Buy large-text books and audio books- both are available for popular titles
  3. Hold CTRL and Press + while browsing the web to increase text size. Press the windows key and type 'Magnifier' to enable on screen magnification on Windows computers.

What will happen if my condition gets worse?

Your prognosis will be discussed with you during your visit. If you are in danger of becoming more visually impaired, there will be more options available to you to keep you enjoying your favorite everyday activities, such as:

Traditional Magnifiers Electronic Magnifiers Knitting Magnifiers
CC-TV Electronic Magnifiers Computer Software Seeing Eye Dogs
Traditional Telescopes Brail & Full Blindness Resources

Call us at Sun City Vision Center at (951) 672-4971 for your annual exam or with your questions about your condition.

Lysle Shaw-McMinn, O.D.

Written for This Blog on Jan 18, 2015
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