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Headaches can be caused by many eye conditions, so if you are experiencing headaches a visit to an optometrist is an important part of getting treatment.

Mild and moderate headaches are more likely to be caused by eye conditions or stress. Severe headaches, especially those that have gotten progressively worse over time or cause you to wake up at night, are unlikely to be due to eye conditions and you should visit a medical doctor right away.

Eye Conditions that can Cause Headaches

Hyperopia (far-sightedness)
Convergence Insufficiency
Divergence Insufficiency
Convergence Excess
Divergence Excess
Fixation Dysfunction
Accommodative Spasm

Accommodative Deficiency
Accommodative Infacility
Saccadic Dysfunction
Pursuit Dysfunction
Intra-ocular Tumor

At your comprehensive eye exam, if you let us know of your headaches, we will check you for all of the above conditions.

Headaches Not Caused by Eye Conditions

There are types of headaches that are unrelated to the eyes, generally categorized into migraine, tension, or organic. At your visit with your eye doctor, if your headaches are not caused by eye problems, you will be given additional instructions on maintaining a headache journal by your optometrist and a referral to a primary care medical doctor. The headache journal will help your medical doctor determine the cause of your headaches.

Sample Entry in Headache Journal

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Written for This Blog on Oct 31, 2014
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